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What is VPN and How it Works

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a piece of software that lets you connect to any network on the Internet securely. They’re usually used to bypass regional restrictions or to cover your browsing activity from any third party that is potentially interested in analyzing your browsing data.

Initially, secure VPN services were created as an alternative way to unite secure business networks and let users connect to them from home and public hotspots. VPNs forward all the traffic from your device to localized networks that provide you with unrestricted Internet access.

All modern devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, support VPN download. When you launch your personal VPN on your device, you connect it to a server in another country. When you do so, it appears that you are browsing from the country where the server is based. It works like a web teleport that allows you to browse following the laws of the needed country.

Browsing with a VPN for PC, Mac, Android, or iOS, you connect to websites through encrypted tunnels. The private network server sends your requests for your browser and forwards you the response via the same encrypted tunnel.

For example, you live in Israel, and you cannot call your colleagues from the US via Zoom. When you activate a VPN and tunnel to the US, Zoom will detect that you’re browsing from the US and permit you to access the service.

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Free VPN vs. Paid VPN Services
The most significant difference between the majority of free and paid VPN services is the amount you can process. In most cases, free VPN download is limited to a small amount of MB per day or month. When you expend the given amount of free traffic, the service will stop working.

You can find services with unlimited VPN free download, but it’s quite hard, and such VPNs usually have many other downsides. However, if you are not planning to use a VPN for professional tasks, the best VPN service for you may be the free one.

The most basic VPNs offer from 500MB of free traffic per day. It’s quite enough to browse websites the whole day long but too low for streaming Netflix and playing video games. The total amount of data per month with a 500MB daily plan is equal to 15GB. It’s quite a lot, but inconvenient to use because of the daily limit. Some VPN providers, including Windscribe, let you use as many of your 15GB as you want. It’s a recommended VPN option in case your usage patterns aren’t persistent.
April 10, 2020
Gaming and Business Usage
Another disadvantage of free VPN for PC and mobile is the restricted access to servers. For example, a popular service Hotspot Shield has over 2500 servers worldwide, but the free version lets you activate only a few of them.

In addition to that, free VPNs usually limit connection speed, giving priority to paid subscribers. It means that one day you may be lucky and surf fast, and the other day you’ll have to wait long for pages to download. So if you need a business or a gaming VPN, get a paid one.
March 29, 2020
Paid vs. Free – Verdict
Despite all the downsides, you can download VPN for PC or mobile for free and rely on it while solving lightweight web tasks. But if you need the best VPN for Netflix, online gaming, and business conferences, a paid VPN will be the best choice.
March 21, 2020

Should I Use a VPN?

To answer this question, you have to decide what you need a VPN for. Although VPN is a relatively simple software, it can be utilized for a large variety of purposes. Here are the most common of them:
  • Remote Home Network Access – using a Windows VPN or Mac VPN, you can access your home desktop computer to use files on the local storage and even play games through the local area network (LAN).
  • Remote Business Network Access – if you’re a traveling businessman, you can buy VPN to access your company’s business network and all the files on local servers. Such an approach allows companies to store files without exposing them on the Internet in any form, which makes all systems much more secure.
  • Browsing Activity Concealing – browsing HTTP websites via public WiFi hotspots discloses your browsing activity to everyone who knows how to view it. If you don’t want it to happen and it’s impossible to avoid non-HTTPS websites, use a VPN. It’s the best way to remain anonymous on the web.
  • Geo-Blocked Sites Unlocking – many legal websites, streaming platforms, and online video games have regional access restrictions. For instance, such services as Netflix and Hulu are available only in the US and in several other officially supported countries. If you are traveling abroad, you can use the US-based VPN to keep streaming without problems.
  • Internet Censorship Bypassing – such countries as China, Russia, and Ukraine censor particular websites for various political reasons. That’s why many citizens of these countries use a VPN to bypass censorship. Unfortunately, the Great Firewal of China can block most of the VPN services.
  • Unauthorized Downloading – although modern streaming services are quite cheap and video games are protected by DRMs, many users keep downloading ripped files for free from BitTorrent trackers. Even if you use legal torrent trackers, your service provider is likely to block them or slow down the loading speed dramatically. VPN Software will solve this problem.
Which is the best VPN service overall?
There are hundreds of VPN providers, and the chances that an unpopular service is good enough are quite high. However, the list of top VPNs featured on BBC, NY Times, Cnet, Wired, and other trusted platforms includes Express VPN, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, SurfShark, Hotspot Shield, Vypr VPN, and PureVPN. Choose the one that works best for your needs and enjoy it.
Best VPN Windows 10 supports?
Most VPN services have versions for Windows 10, macOS X, iOS, Android, and Linux. Windows it the most popular OS, so VPN download for PC is always offered. VPN laptop and desktop versions are always the same.
Is VPN legal?
It depends on the country you live in. In most cases, you can use VPN PC and mobile software even if it’s forbidden because it’s extremely difficult to spot your real IP and location.
Do VPN providers store log data?
In most cases, they don’t. However, you should check the provider policy to make sure.
Is it secure to use VPN?
All VPN apps create encrypted data tunnels when you activate them. Even if someone intercepts your encrypted data, it’ll be impossible to decipher.
Why you use VPN?
What is your main purpose to use VPN?